Tuesday, January 30, 2007

No baby... yet

A mish-mash of things:

Looks like we still might be about a week (or so) away from Baby Meemo's arrival.

Mrs. Meemo is doing well (she really hit the wall last week, but has since recovered and is hanging in there). She's a trooper.

I still haven't had a chance to use my snowblower. We've had snow, but there's been very little accumulation, and it's been spread over several days. I think I'm adhering to Augie's Law that since I bought the snowblower, we haven't had any snow. (that is Augie's Law, isn't it?).

I've heard that Glowie is saying nice things about me on her blog. I best go see.

I know she isn't a member of blogland (is she?) but YAY FOR BAWDY! Her ordeal is something that many of us have been following for a loooooooooong time. It's so wonderful to see the saga come to a close, and the start of a wonderful new chapter for them.

And on that note, I must go surfing the blogland. I have neglected many of you in recent days. I've recently come to the realization that I think I post (both in blogland and that other place) more often than I actually do. I'm always around (well, most days anyways), but tend to just lurk. Well, I've recognized the errors of my ways, and hope to contribute more than I have before.

Ah, who am I kidding. Don't get your hopes up :-)

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

I bought a snow blower yesterday

My parents gave us some cash this Christmas with the express intent of us purchasing a snow blower with it. It was a nice gesture, but I had never given thought to purchasing one. But alas, I granted their wish, and now I am the proud (first time owner) of a relatively small (5 hp), six-speed, gas-powered snow blower/thrower thingy.

We bought it used off of a guy who just bought it last year, but has since separated from his wife and moved into an apartment. Only used 5 times, and we got it for half of what he paid.

Now I'm trying to figure out what snow blower etiquette is. Do I do my neighours' sidewalks and driveways? If so, do I only do my immediate neighbours on either side, or do I cross the street? Or do I restrict myself to only doing my driveway and sidewalk? On the flip side, do I just go up and down the sidewalks for the entire street?

On another note, DW thought she was going into labour yesterday, and ended up at the doctor's office, but it was a false alarm. The doctor indicated she was starting to dilate though, so he figured we're no more than two weeks away (which would put us two weeks ahead of schedule). I guess this means we're on official baby watch now.

Friday, January 12, 2007

I think I have ADD

Not ADHD, because I'm certainly not hyperactive.

But I honestly cannot concentrate on my studies. My horrible procrastination caught up with me this past week, and I got stuck working on a paper (original due date: Nov. 29) when I was given a drop dead, do-or-die date by the prof. of yesterday (Thursday).

It wasn't a hard paper... only 8-10 pages. I took Wednesday evening to do the paper. And even with the pressure on, I was still interrupting my work that evening to: check my e-mail; log on to a couple of message boards; I had the live updates from the Raptors game on; getting something to eat; peeking in on my sleeping daughter.

I had 3.5 pages done when I started at 7 p.m. I didn't role into bed until I had e-mailed the paper to my prof. at 2:30 a.m. And I know that the paper was not up to snuff. If I was working efficiently, I could have been in bed by midnight (at a rate of 1 page per hour) with a quality paper. Instead, it took me 7.5 hours to hand in someting mediocre at best.

I've finally made an appointment to see somebody about this. But, being the self-diagnosing type, I'm going on record to say that I think I have Adult ADD, even though I have no idea what that entails.

Monday, January 08, 2007

Names, and links...

Well, we've settled on a name for the boy.

At least a first name:


Likely to end up Samuel Jameson, but that may change.

Other than that, DW has hit the pregancy wall. She is ready to be done with being pregnant. Five weeks to go!

On another note, you may notice my extensive list of blog links over there ----->

Many of you maintain a similar list. Some of you (where I visit regularly, and even post) do NOT have me on your list. I must say I am very slighted, hurt, and generally cry myself to sleep each night, wondering how I can get on Bob's list. At any rate, take this new point in the year to look at your list, and purge the old ones (I think only Nailbone and Wheezy are inactive on my list), and add any of your *new* favorites that you love to visit. *ahemMeemo'sblogahem*

And yes, I am a desperate attention whore.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Happy New Year!

Well, no official resolutions for me, although I did get up early, spent some time on the eliptical machine (which has been long neglected), ironed my shirt and pants, and still managed to arrive at work at the *official* proper time this morning (40 mins earlier than usual).

So yay for me. We'll see if that holds up tomorrow :-)

We had a good time over the holidays.

Took some time over the past week to get things prepped for the baby (due in 6 weeks!). Put the crib together and got the nursery straightened away. Also put together the new double stroller that we bought.

We're in the home stretch (*waves to Monstah*).

I'll likely post an updated name thread later this week.