Friday, June 27, 2008

As if I wasn't dumb enough....

Yesterday I put myself through our second annual Try-a-Tri.

Tri as in Triathlon.

Yup, I punished myself through a 100m swim, a 12.4 km bike ride, and a 3.1 km run. Just so no one is confused, I'm not a super-athlete... in fact I do these things to remind me how out-of-shape I am lol.

The field of 20 competitors this year was much stronger than last year (there was one guy who has done the Ironman in Hawaii). So I was just hoping to not come last.... I came third last :-)

I did improve on my time from last year, but not as much as I had hoped. Then again, considering I can't swim, I should just be thankful I didn't drown.....

Here's a pic of me wrapping up the bike leg. Notice the guy behind me about to finish his run and the race.

Oh well, I'll get them next year, right? :-)

Monday, June 16, 2008

I did it...

4 cities..... 54 kilometres..... 3hours, 51 minutes.... and several pounds of mud... I finished the 10th annual Great Lake to Lake race!

The mountain-biking race was definitely the most physically-challenging thing I have ever done. This was no leisure ride or street race.... it was all rough-terrain, off-road, mud-up-to-your-eyeballs technical riding between Lake Erie and Lake Ontario. More than 100 people did not finish the race due to bike breakdowns, dehydration, cramping, and in some cases, broken bones.

Around the 30 km mark, my left quadriceps seized up, and I had to take nearly a half-hour to get it loosened up again before continuing.... and I definitely was in rough shape after that, moving along much slower than I had previously.

I also ran out of water with about 10 km left -- but persevered to the end. It was a great feeling to finish.

Here is a pic of me at the start... just ignore the spandex shorts :-) I was so muddy at the end of the race, you wouldn't have recognized me.

All in all, a great Father's Day.