Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Things I love...

Riding my bike

Adventures with my kids


Chocolate-chip cookies


NFL football

Nice legs on a woman

A good rock song

The Amazing Race


Playing my guitar

Coca-cola (I was gonna say Coke, but didn't want to mislead anyone)

Beaches --> as in sand and surf, not the movie

Plants and flowers around the house

Meeting bloggy peeps, especially Glowie :-)

Monday, August 18, 2008

Adventures in Pittsburgh

We had a GREAT time in Pittsburgh last week.

We drove up Tuesday, arriving at our hotel around 3 p.m. It was about a 5-hr drive, and the kids handled it
very well. DD was thrilled at the thought of her first hotel stay.

We took the hotel's complimentary shuttle to PNC Park where we met with emydi to watch the Pittsburgh Pirates play the Cincinnati Reds. It was the kids' first baseball game, and they did great (considering they had sat in the van earlier in the day). Both kids were dressed like pirates (pics to come). We left around the 7th inning as they were starting to get tired, the Pirates were losing, and we wanted to make sure we could get out to the shuttle before the throngs of other people left.

On Wednesday, we headed to the Pittsburgh Zoo! It was a great facility (although much busier than we anticipated). The kids loved seeing all the animals, and DS solidified the tiger as his favourite animal (he even added it to his vocabulary). DD loved the flamingoes ("because they're pink!"). They also have a cool tunnel that you can go through that runs beneath the pool in the polar bear facility (similar to one we went to at Atlantis in the Bahamas). We were in there when one jumped in the water and swam right over top of us. Very cool.

Wednesday night, we met up with Glow and her hubby. They were sweet enough to bring along a little gift for DD, and they instantly became best friends. DD affectionately called her "Glow-in-the-dark." We again took the shuttle over to Station Square, a hip little place along the river. Had dinner at Houlihan's, and then took in the fountain show until DD convinced us that we had to leave because the water was going up too high (she was getting very tired at this point).

She sat beside Glow-in-the-dark on the way back to the hotel and talked her ear off :-)

Thursday, we left around 10 a.m., drove past Mario Lemieux and a bunch of big-wigs doing the ground-breaking for the new arena downtown, and headed to the Grove City Outlet Mall. Not too many good deals to be had, but I picked up a couple pairs of nice pants.

On the way home I started feeling a bit under the weather. Ended up in bed the next 3 (beautiful weather-wise) days with what I believe to be strep throat. Yay.

But feeling better now. When it's raining.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Random stuff...

1) Still no decision on the re-branding. Still wavering on "Hot_biker_dude" :-)

2) We're going to Pittsburgh tomorrow for our only mini summer vacation. We're driving down tomorrow, going to a Pirates game with emydi (the kids have their pirate costumes all set to go). On Wednesday we are going to the Pittsburgh Zoo (as inspired by Jon and Kate plus 8) and hopefully dinner with Glow. On Thursday, we drive home, with a brief stop at the Grove City Outlet Mall, where we'll likely drop a good portion of our net worth. It'll be our first overnight road trip with both kids (now 3.5 and 1.5).... so it should be a good run up to our Newfoundland trip next month.

3) Apparently, the gods have smiled on me, as my Blackberry just up and stopped working yesterday. It's been shipped off for repair, so now I have no tie to the office while I'm gone :-)

4) I am addicted to the Olympics. I watch them every chance I get.

5) I am sick of the rain here. We have had the wettest summer on record this year.

6) I have had a sore wrist for a couple months now (I hurt it when I wiped out on my bike awhile back. I also had surgery on it last year). I'm going to see the doctor on Friday to see what's up.

Be good while I'm gone!

Wednesday, August 06, 2008


I need to move away from the Meemo name here in blogland, simply because my gmail account is being used for professional purposes now (including a blog related to work).

So I need to move away from the Meemo name (which, as some of you know, does not make me sad in the least).

I don't necessarily want to use my real name, but a pseudonym of sorts maybe using my initials KJG or a variation thereof. Like KJ Sands (because I like the beach :-)

I'm open to suggestions (as I don't have anything carved in stone).