Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Home, sweet home...

Edited to remove photo

Life has been crazy. Moved last weekend. Getting unpacked and settled. All the while, work has been super busy, in addition to school and being a father and every other facet of life that keeps pulling at me.

But then I see the smiling face up there (points up), and it all seems worthwhile. The ladybug and I will be trick-or-treating tonight to collect some goodies, and introduce ourselves to all the new neighbours.

Happy Halloween everybody!

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Music and stuff

I love music.

I just never realized how diverse my tastes were. In the matter of just a couple minutes, I was listening to a contemporary Christian song (with a killer guitar riff that I'm trying to learn); I then found myself humming "Red Flag" by Billy Talent (theyr're a punk, alterna-rock band from Canada), just prior before popping my new Jack Johnson CD (folksy guitar guy - he did the Curious George soundtrack) into my computer.

I would truly love to work in the music industry - preferably as a musician. Guess I best get practicing.

*makes note to keep an eye on announcements for the next Rock Star auditions* :-)

As for the stuff going on at the other place I don't even know where to begin - I'm not sure why I've never waded into the conversations about religion. I mean, I used to be a minister, I'm am still actively involved in church and a practicing Christian - but I NEVER wade into the deep end. I know that I have experiences and insight that might benefit the disucssions, but I don't. I suspect it's largely a time issue. By the time I get throught the thread, and think to post something (when I actually have time to do that), another 20 posts have been made making my point moot or off-topic.

If anyone wants my take on a particular issue, just let me know :-)