Monday, July 31, 2006

My date with Glow...

Ok, well it wasn't really a date since both of our respective spouses were there, along with Geg and her friend for awhile, but still, I got to finally meet Glooooooooooooooooooooow!

We left Canada, the true north strong and free, on Friday afternoon (shortly after lunch). After travelling through Buffalo and a bit of New York, we hit Erie, PA. While I had driven through Erie (on my way to Cleveland) before, this was my first time ever driving south through Pennsylvania, and it is such a nice drive!

The scenery, the rolling hills, and the mini-valleys are so beautiful. After about 3 hours into the trek, we noticed the incredible Grove City factory outlet mall, and made notes to include a stop there on our way back. We also realized that we left our camera back home sitting on the dining room table. D'oh!

Within the hour, we came around a corner on the highway to see the city of Pittsburgh emerge out of nowhere. It really is an amazing city (given it's geographic location).

Thanks to Mapquest, we navigated our way downtown to our hotel (which we got a wicked-awesome deal on. Yay!). Once settled into our room, I called Glow to see where she was at. They came by our hotel to pick us up.

Glow gives a pretty good run-down on our meeting and the baseball game in her blog -------> you can find it over there

Let's just say that her blog title (Not a Pretty Girl) is an outright lie. The Glow I met was beautiful and cool. And her hubby Shawn was so accommodating and easy to talk to. Of course, much of the conversation centred around Rockstar and Lukas, along with Glow's Bucky-encounter the night before, but I digress.... :-)

The baseball game was awesome, as was finally meeting the elusive Geg. I know byoffer and nailbone have been longing for a photo of geg, but alas, no camera on this trip meant no photo. She was great, and it was too bad she had to leave early.

After the game (which the Pirates actually won), and fireworks (quite possibly the best show I've ver seen) Glow and Shawn took us on a little tour of Pittsburgh (again, as mentioned in her blog). We even got to see where Ben Rothlisberger had his motorcycle accident.

The next day was so hot, so after sleeping in, DW and I headed to a shopping mall (the Robinson Centre?) to enjoy the air conditioning for awhile. That evening, we went down to Station Square for dinner where I had a salmon with basil pesto sauce dish that I am still longing for.

As a side note, I have to say driving in Pittsburgh is perilous (I got sworn at more than once), but the highways and roads made me think of Grand Turismo (the video game). Driving on a highway through the downtown, over a bridge, and then through a tunnel was unlike anywhere I have ever been before (and I've been alot of places). Just one cool feature of the city that I enjoyed.

On Sunday, we checked out relatively early, and made our way to the Grove City mall. The place is huge (some 150 stores) and it took us almost 4 hours to navigate the whole place. Ended up with some great deals before heading back home.

This summary really doesn't do the trip justice. We had such a good time with Glow and Shawn, and we're already talking about making another trip (to take in the Andy Warhol museum, the science center, and a few other things) when DD is big enough to come along.

Simply put, awesome time, awesome peeps.

Monday, July 24, 2006

Back from a small hiatus


What a crazy couple of weeks. After the peep meet, I've dealt with a car accident (I'm okay. The car? Notsomuch), a weekend of camping, a conference in Toronto (which involved lunch with Byoffer and MarroonClown), dragon boat racing, and performing (that's singing for all you gutter-minded peeps) in front of nearly 1,000 people.

As for the accident, I've always wondered what thoughts go through your mind when you look up and see a very large truck coming right at your driver's side door when you're stopped at a traffic light. For me? It involved a couple expletives (can't really remembered which ones), and not much else. Pretty reflective, eh? :-)

So this week (*checks his agenda*), oh yeah: 1) meet Glow and Geg in Pittsburgh. 2) Attend Pirates game on Friday with Glow and Geg. 3) Get tours of Pittsburgh with Glow and Geg.

Oh yeah, and two of the coolest peeps in the whole world have birthdays in the next week. Catt, and me :-)

It will be a good week :-)

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Niagara Peep Meet

Well, that there was a fantastic weekend.

So great to meet everybody. First up were MCatt and Jimbo, who I picked up from the airport on Thursday.

While waiting for them, I saw Tammy Pescatelli of Last Comic Standing (season 2). But then I spotted my two peeps, and they quickly saw my sign that read "Stan and Wendy" and we were off.

Friday afternoon, I got a call from Maroonclown. I headed off to meet her and her hubby at their B&B, and we did a quick tour of Niagara Falls before grabbing a bite to eat. We hit it off right away, and had a great time.

After dinner, I had a call from Kim (weltek) and Chris, who were also in town. We set out to meet them at our rendezvous spot. I called MCatt & Jim to meet us there as well.

At 8 p.m., we all connected in front of the Fallsview Casino. Within a couple of minutes, Byoffer and his wife and son arrived, followed by MysticWolf and her DH and then Seana. Lightsy called me to say they had just arrived in town and would be along shortly.

We headed across the street to a patio bar/restaurant to actually try and connect. Within the half hour, Lights and DH arrived (see Lightsy's blog for a better description of our meeting).

Here is a pic of Mr. Mystic, MCatt, Jim and Chris on the patio:

After awhile, we made our way up to a suite at the Marriott overlooking the falls. As mentioned elsewhere, the fireworks weren't really visible, so we just took in the view and a great time laughing it up.

Saturday morning, a bunch of us met for breakfast, where we were joined by the LePews (whom I had met previously), and Seana's family.

That afternoon, a bunch of peeps headed out to the zoo (see Seana's blog for a good recap of that), while others went shopping or in search of famous Buffalo wings. I, went home for a nap :-)

Saturday night was the culmination of the peep meet: dinner at Cafe Tu Tu Tango. The whole gang was there, including new additions cqvenus and baby alex, and Silvergirl and her DH & DD.

It was a great time, and we took up the full centre section of the restaurant. After dinner, we finally settled in for a group photo. Unfortunately missing are the LePews and Seana, who had left a little earlier:

From there, some peeps went for a walk down to the Falls, while others headed to the Casino. I was the big winner for the night, taking home an extra $25. Whoopee :-)

At 10 p.m., we reconvened and headed back to the fallsview suite for more fun, cross-dressing and cavorting on the bed.

The night went by so quickly, and we said our good-bye's as we headed out. Most peeps were leaving the next morning.

So that, in a nutshell, is a recap of the weekend's happenings.

My thoughts on peeps?

Jim: Like I said, the sight of him in a skirt was repulsive, yet strangely attractive at the same time. Is that weird? :-) Very cool guy who I could totally see hanging out with, if not for the 3000 mile distance.

Catt: Had us in stitches the whole time. A true sweetie and friend. Very sorry I didn't get to spend more time talking with her, but we will meet again. Oh yes, we will meet again.

Lights: Someone I have been waiting years to meet - and she didn't disappoint. One very cool lady holds a dear place in my heart - and a very gracious husband as well.

Kim & Chris: Who knew that Wisconsonites could be so cool? They wowed us with their knowledge of cheese and beer, and tales of Birth-days. Not to stereotype or anything.

Byoffer: Resilient, in that he survived the weekend while mocking Catt at every opportunity. Really, a great guy who I might be having lunch with next week. Kudos to his wife and son for putting up with us :-)

Maroonclown: Super nice (as is her DH) with an infectious laugh. Hence the new acronym LLMC (Laugh Like Maroon Clown)

Mystic Wolf: She and her DH were awesome, easy-to-talk-to kind of peeps, always with smiles on their faces. So glad they made the trip!

Seana: Total cutie, seemed like she was star-struck among all the peeps :-) Very comfortable to chat with, with no serial-killer tendencies that I could see.

The LePews: Totally cool. Third time I have met them, but didn't get a whole lot of time together this time around. Hopefully we connect again soon.

Silvergirl: Other than giving her directions on the phone on several occassions, I didn't really get to spend much time chatting with her or her family. But anyone who brings chocolates to a peep meet for everybody is ok in my book :-)

cq: A pleasant surprise - so glad she was able to make it, especially with her little cutie Alex. Like mother, like daughter - beautiful :-)

Did I miss anybody?

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

busy, busy, busy

So I've been tackling my home improvement projects over the last few days. Pretty sad when I have to take vacation days to get stuff done.

But I feel good: I've totally revamped the front of the house, painted the second bathroom, and done some other minor improvements. We plan to sell the house in the next couple of years, so it's nice to get a few more things done that will up the price.

As of tomorrow, I switch into peep meet mode. The Niagara meet officially gets underway, and with 15 or so blog/OT peeps attending, it's taken quite a bit of planning. It will be nice to see it all come to fruition.

I'll be sure to post an update when the weekend is over. Until then, *smooches* to you all.