Friday, December 15, 2006

Kim's Christmas challenge

So we were out last night as DD loves to look at Christmas lights. There is a particular cul de sac (circle street) here in town that is a city-wide known area for the lights.

The whole neighbourhood gets into it, and people come from miles around to see them. All that to say, I was somewhat disappointed this time around.

But here is a shot of one of the most lit-up houses there, as requested by Kim's blog challenge:

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Baby names and such...

Not sure if anybody still pops by here, wondering if I am going to update. But here I am.

Getting ready for Christmas, which will then be followed by the arrival of our new baby boy in February.

The biggest problem we had with baby #1 was settling on a name. It literally came down to the week she was born before we settled on Madeleine.

So with this one being a boy, we're back to square one. Can I bounce a few off of you? Give me your unabashed opinions. Without divulging too much info, our last name is single syllable, kinda sucks (it's fairly harsh-sounding), and starts with a G. We are looking for something different, but not too "out there."

Some of the contenders are, in no particular order:

Jamison (or Jameson, or Jamieson)

any other suggestions?