Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Because a certain someone....

... figured it was time for peeps to update, here I am, after many months hiatus.

Work is insane, as we're launching a new website on Monday, all the students are back to class, we're doing a major brand rollout, and recruitment season is knocking on our door.

On a completely side note, I'm back to looking at jobs down south. I have applied for a job in Miami. It's an absolute pipe dream, but I have a couple of acquaintances that work there and I've been told I would definitely be granted a phone interview (given my experience).

It would be good because it's very close to my family in the Bahamas, but we'd be leaving ALL of our immediate family back here in Canada (including all the grandparents).

It's jumping the gun a bit with all this speculation (again... you may recall I went through all this last year too), but I want to prepare myself (and my family) for whatever might come. I just can't get away from the feeling that I'm not meant to live in a cold climate.

Sigh. Otherwise, everything is going great. Work is busy, kids are busy (Maddie just started junior kindergarten this week. It's killing me to see her go off to school everyday).

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


I'm realizing (okay, maybe I've known for awhile) that I have commitment issues. Another way of saying that is that I'm a procrastinator in the worst sense.

Evidence point #1: my blog. I haven't updated in more than a month.

Evidence point #2: I still have benefits claims for some ancillary services from 2007 that I never submitted. It's money that belongs to me, but I just never got around to claiming it. It's always on my "to do" list, but hasn't been done yet.

Evidence point #3: My thesis. I finished my coursework last January. I still haven't really started my thesis proposal yet. That's a whole year wasted.


I hate this personality trait.

On another completely unrelated note, our satellite signal disappeared yesterday. Because of our schedules, the earliest we could have someone come in is tomorrow afternoon. That's a full 2.5 days without TV. Did I mention we have a 4 and 2 yr old in the house?

It's like we're on Survivor or something. My only hope is that it gets restored before LOST comes on Wednesday.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Not sure if anybody is still checking here...

I've been thinking about blogging quite a bit lately, but alas, just haven't gotten to it.

So here's a few small nutshell items for those who might pop by.

1) I didn't get the job (see below). But the guy who did (he came from Calgary) is great - we get along well, and he is helping me re-write my job description which will include a new title and raise in pay. So not all is lost.

2) Had a great trip to Florida for my conference back in November. Here's a pick of me, DW, and a couple friends with our rental car (and yes, it's a convertible):

3) I sent out my SS gift, but with this being my first time, I don't think I was secretive enough, or included enough -- I meant to send through a card, but forgot :-( I hope my giftee does enjoy the things I sent though.

4) DD was in her first ever Christmas concert recently for her pre-school. Isn't she adorable (she's in the middle in the plaid skirt)?

And not to be outdone, here is DS (who was observing the concert):

5) I had a good TV week last week. Nick and Starr won TAR. Nico won SYTYCD Canada. Then Bob wins Survivor. And then Michelle wins The Biggest Loser. That's an unprecedented 4/4 in reality series for people I wanted to win. Yay!

6) Speaking of TV, LOST starts soon. Woot!

7) There is way too much chocolate flowing into our office lately for the holidays. Wait, let me correct that. There is never too much chocolate, but there is lots of it around here.

8) I purchased some shoes the other day from Love 'em, and got a good deal on 'em. Any other good online retailers that you know of?

9) Just celebrated my 5-yr match with my Little Brother. He's in high-school now. *sniffle* It's incredible how quickly they grow up. *sniffle*

10) We're giving a lot of gifts (and asking others to "give" to us) charitable donations this year. One of our favourites is, where you can buy everything from a pig for a family in Mozambique to the full immunization for a community in Bolivia. I love it!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Job interview

I interviewed yesterday for a promotion. I would basically be the manager in charge of my current position in addition to about 4 others (and possibly more) with a nice pay raise.

It's a position I've been lobbying for (well, a modified version) for the past three-years.

My concern is that the modifications that were made to the position (heavy emphasis on Marketing, where I only have marginal experience).

But I think I did really well in the interview (uh oh... is that the kiss of death? :-) I know 4 out of the 5 people on the interview panel quite well.

Now it's wait and see. I'm in Tampa next week for a conference, but they said it will be a couple of weeks before the process is done.

Now, I wait.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The hiatus... over.

Been a hectic few weeks, with the start of school (work gets considerably busier), a trip to Newfoundland (which was awesome) and just general craziness that encompasses my life. I was going to post something more serious or deep, but let's reflect on my vacation instead. We went for 2 weeks. I could have stayed for many more.

IMHO, if you ever get the opportunity to go to St. John's, Newfoundland? Go.

An amazing city in an amazing place.

Here's a beautiful girl overlooking a beautiful harbour:

A view of "The Battery" in St. John's

One of my artsy-fartsy landscape shots:

The lighthouse at Cape Spear, the most easterly-point in North America

A salt-box house overlooking the ocean

Fishing boats at Petty Harbour just outside of St. John's

A real-life moose that I saw on the side of the highway

Thursday, September 04, 2008


I just found out I'm going to a conference in Tampa in November. Woot!

In other news, my 3-yr-old daughter informed me she was going (either visiting or moving -- not sure) to a place called Hawati. I asked her what it was like there.

She said "very sunny and hot....and there are polar bears."

I fear my DD is going to visit the passengers of Oceanic flight 815.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Things I love...

Riding my bike

Adventures with my kids


Chocolate-chip cookies


NFL football

Nice legs on a woman

A good rock song

The Amazing Race


Playing my guitar

Coca-cola (I was gonna say Coke, but didn't want to mislead anyone)

Beaches --> as in sand and surf, not the movie

Plants and flowers around the house

Meeting bloggy peeps, especially Glowie :-)